Premium Packaged Bakery Solutions


Finally! In-store bakery quality — now in a convenient, fully baked and packaged, minimal handling, thaw-and-merchandise format.



All of our authentically crafted croissants and pastries are carefully prepared in small batches with premium ingredients and fillings for a superior taste and texture experience.

Puff Bites

Our famously flakey puff pastry, with sweet strawberry & cream cheese or spiced apple filling.

all butter croissants

40 years of mastering the perfect, authentic artisan croissant — baked and packaged. Crafted with premium Canadian butter.

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The classic, perfected! Layer upon layer of flakey pastry, filled with spiced apple or sweet cherry.

strudel braids

Our authentic strudel puff pastry with spiced apple or sweet berry burst filling.

pain au chocolat

Decadent dark chocolate enveloped in buttery croissant pastry.


Rich, flakey pastry, topped with sugar and baked to perfection.

All with features modern consumers love:

Product DescriptionRetail Pack SizeRetail Pack WeightNo. of Retail Packs/CaseShelf Life Ambient
Strawberry & Cheese Puff Bites12 pk240 g245 days
Apple Puff Bites12 pk240 g245 days
All Butter Sandwich Croissants4 pk232 g165 days
All Butter Mini Croissants8 pk216 g165 days
Cherry Turnovers4 pk320 g165 days
Apple Turnovers4 pk320 g165 days
Berry Burst Braids4 pk352 g155 days
Apple Braids4 pk352 g155 days
Butter Pain au Chocolat4 pk216 g165 days
Palmiers4 pk308 g155 days
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